1100 1200 aluminum sheet

Quanlity gurantee:

1) surface appearance: flat clean surface no whole, scratch, oil dirty or oxidation.

2) cutting edge: neat cutting edge no burrs.

3)Quality goal: the frist product inspection qualified rate is 95%.customer satisfaction by 90%.


1000 series aluminum sheet is a commercially pure aluminum.

Excellent welding characteristics ,excenllent ductile property. excenllent resistance to corrosion. and Excellent conductivity

Application of 1000 series aluminum sheet :

Chemical and food processing industries/Giftware material/

Eye-appeal necessity needed material/Giftware material/Eye-appeal necessity needed material

Curtain wall material/Cookware material/Nameplate material/Decorative and reflective material


3000 series aluminum sheet  is a commercially pure aluminum with the addition of manganese. Good corrosion resistance

Excellent weldability,formability Good corrosion resistance Moderate strength Specially, 3104 aluminum alloy is a typical deep-drawing material.

Application of 3000 series aluminum sheet: 1.Cooking and kitchen equipment, 2.Decorative trim, 3.Can body stock ,4.Food & Chemical processing

and storage container, 5.Tank container ,6.Pressure vessel,7,Cooling fin,Deep drawing processing material.


5000 series Aluminum sheet  is a typical Al-Mg aluminum product. High stength ,Good salt water resistance ,Good low temperature ressistance.

Application 5000 series Aluminum sheet:

a common choice for automobile manufacturing industry(car side door, mould, sealing parts) and tank making industry etc.Can tab material Can end stock

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