Alloy 2124 aluminum plates are a high purity form of 2024 and is normally supplied in 1.50" - 6.00" plate. Available in T851 temper,

this plate alloy exhibits good strength retention and creep resistance at elevated temperatures up to 350 degrees. Fracture toughness

levels of 2124-T851 plate are significantly higher than 2024-T851. This alloy is recommended for those applications requiring better

short-transverse ductility, high strength and good machinability and has excellent exfoliation corrosion resistance. Fatigue properties of

alloy 2124-T851 are similar to those of 2024-T851.


  • Machined fuselage bulkheads
  • Wing skins in high-performance military aircraft
Chemical Composition Limits (WT %)
Silicon 0.20
Iron 0.30
Copper 3.8-4.9
Manganese 030.-0.9
Magnesium 1.2-1.8
Chromium 0.10
Zinc 0.25
Titanium 0.15
Others, each 0.05
Others, total 0.15
Balance, Aluminum  
Typical Mechanical Properties
Thickness Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
1.001-2.00 66 57 5
5.001-6.00 63 54 4

Miele Metal stocks a full range of thicknesses and to requested customers' specifications.


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