3003 aluminum plates react well to mechanical finishing and organic finishes as well. 3003 welding is readily accomplished by means

of conventional welding methods but may be gummy if machined. Soldering is limited to the torch method. 3003 plate is mainly used

for manufactured stamped parts because of its light weight and moderate strength. TW has a wide range of sizes readily available to

the AMS 4008 for H14.


  • Cat Walks
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Food and Chemical handling equipment
  • Truck and Trailer Roofing
  • Floor Panels
Typical Chemical Requirements
Silicon .6
Iron .7
Copper .05 - .20
Manganese 1.0-1.5
Chromium Range  
Zinc .10
Aluminum remainder

Miele Metal offer as wide range of stock sizes and processing capabilities for your company’s needs. We also have water jet capabilities

and a large aluminum plate saw for your specific job required sizes.


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