Product Description

We are large manufacturer of Steel Coil/strip, mainly supply the following Steel Coil/Strip:

1. Galvanized Steel Coil/Strip 

    (1) Width: 10-2000mm

    (2) Thickness: 0.1-10.0mm

    (3) Grade: JIS G3302-SGCC-SGC570, SGCH (full hard-G550), SGHC-SGH540

                    EN10346-DX51D+Z, DX53D+Z, S250GD-S550GD

                    ASTM A653-CS-B, SS255-SS550

    (4) Zinc Coating: Z40g/m2~Z500g/m2 (both side total coating thickness)

2. Galvalume Steel Coil/Strip

    (1) Width: 10~3000mm

    (2) Thickness: 0.1~10mm

       (3) Grade: JIS G3321-SGLCC, SGLC400-570, (G550)

                    EN10346-DX51D+AZ, DX53D+AZ, S250-S550

                    ASTM A792M CS-B, SS255-SS550

       (4) AZ Coating: AZ50~AZ185g/m2

3. Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil (PPGI)

    (1) Width: 10~3000mm

    (2) Thickness: 0.1~10mm
    (3) Grade: JIS G3312-CGCC, CGC340-570, (G550)
                    ASTM A755M CS-B, SS255-SS550
    (4) Zinc Coating: Z40g/m2~Z500g/m2 (both side total coating thickness)
4. Prepainted Galvalume Steel Coil (PPGL) 
    (1) Width: 10~3000mm

    (2) Thickness: 0.10~10mm

    (3) Grade: JIS G3322-CGLCC, CGLC340-570, (G550)

                   ASTM A755M CS-B, SS255-SS550

    (4) AZ Coating: AZ50~AZ185g/m2 (both side total coating thickness)

5Cold Rolled Steel Coil /Strip(Soft) 

    (1) Width: 10~1800mm

    (2) Thickness: 0.13~2.50mm

    (3) Grade: JIS G3141-SPCC-SD, SPCD-SD, SPEC-SD

                    JIS G3135-SPFC 340/390/440

                    EN10130-DC01, DC03, DC04

                    SAE1006, SAE1008

                    ASTM A424-Type‚Ö°

6. Cold Rolled Steel Coil/Strip (Full Hard)

    (1) Width: 10~1570mm

    (2) Thickness: 0.13~2.50mm

    (3) Grade: JIS G3141-SPCC-1B, SPCC-1D

7. Hot Rolled Steel Coil/Strip

    (1) Width: 10~3000mm

    (2) Thickness: 1.20~16.5mm, other thickness can be negotiation

    (3) Grade: JIS G3101-SS400, JIS G3132-SPHT1/2/3, ASTM A36, Q195, Q235 etc.

8.Packing steel strip

1)Mechanical capacity:
Q195 have a breaking strain  σb≥58-78Kg/mm2(580-780Mpa),    E.L.:3%-5%.                      
Q235 have a breaking strain σb≥78-90Kg/mm2(780-900Mpa),     E.L.: 3%-5%.                           
Q345 have a breaking strain σb≥90-100Kg/mm2(900-1000Mpa),   E.L.: 5%-10%.

2)Regular sizes as following:

3)Sizes in stock: 0.36*12.7mm 0.36*16mm 0.5*12.7mm 0.5*16mm 0.5*19mm 0.6*16mm 0.6*19mm 0.7*19mm 0.8*19mm 0.8*32mm 0.9*19mm 0.9*32mm.

4)Usage: This is produced based on carbon structural steel or high quality carbon structural steel, cold rolled, electric blue, paint.
 This product is suitable for wood, paper, glass, stone, steel, welded pipe etc as strapping packing. 

5)PACKING STRAP classification: steel packing strap, blue steel strap, painted steel strap. We can produce as customer's color request, such as green, black, yellow, grey, brown etc.

6)Our packing: Inner is water proof waxed paper. Middle is plastic film. Outer is compound paper. Packed in wooden pallet. Outside packed by white pp woven sheet and strapped with steel Strip.




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