Product Description


1. General introduction:

Raw material is rigorously selected and approved to put into processing while five main chemical compostion results shown as below:







Max 0.35


Max 0.04

Max 0.04

Conventional technique integrated with modern leading-edged equipment makes our finished products shines on comprehensive functioning and performance when adoped. For serving spring and wire form industry, high tensile strength is not the ultimate goal to pursue, but the balance of flexibility and tensile strength to prevent our wire from deformedor broken up during winding in spring machine. In addition, for other usage, our products also have gained a sound reputation from the appliance as controlling cable or connecting wire for automobile industry and hard needle. Hot-dipped and electro-galvanized spring wire available.

2. Range of application:

    (1). mattress spring

    (2). compression spring

    (3). extension spring

    (4). torsion spring

    (5). mechanical spring

    (6). wire forms

    (7). core of controlling cable

    (8). connecting wire

    (9). hard needle

3. Specifications:

    (1). 0.30mm-13.00mm to comply with DIN17223-1-1984 Class B

    (2). 0.30mm-3.50mm to comply with DIN1723-1-1984, Class C, EN10270-SH 

    (3). 0.30mm-2.00mm to comply with DIN1723-1-1984 Class D

    (4). 0.30mm-13.00mm to comply with ASTM-A227 grade I and II

    (5). lightly-oiled or heavily-oiled subject to requirement.

    (6). Other standards are subject to requirements, such JIS, AS or GB.



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