Producing of steel wire for nail making:Black Wire Low Carbon Steel Wire For Nail Making

1. Material Q195(Black Wire Low Carbon Steel Wire For Nail Making)
Hard nails wire was made by Q195 wire rod .Wanlida buy this material from SHANXI ZHONGYANG IRON AND STEEL CO., LTD, which is the biggest steel factory in China. Q195 wire rod element composition is as follows :
C≤0.07; S≤0.023; Si≤0.09; Mn≤0.32; P≤0.025
Because This type of wire rod has less impurities, so Q195 is very fit for drawing.The diameter is 6.5mm. Generally, Daily output of Wanlida is 120 tons.

2. Drawing(Black Wire Low Carbon Steel Wire For Nail Making)

There are two kinds of drawing machine : powder drawing and water drawing . powder drawing is fit for junior drawing ( 6.5mm ~ 4.0mm ).
One powder drawing machine has 4 tanks and 4 molds. One tank is matched with a mold. Each of them are offered energy by a electromotor. 0.9mm(max)can be "eat" when the wire cross a mold. There are no loss of weight during drawing.

Other type :galvanized steel wire

★Our galvanized steel & strand products have excellent mechanical properties.

★The vertical hot-dip galvanized technology ensures coating thickness.

★We employ the most experienced, talented, licensed engineers in the industry to design solutions for your application.

★ 20 production lines for zinc coating and 34 lines for stranding wire ,with Independent test and research center, plus manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland and Japan, give our customers unparalleled support and global reach.
★Galvanized steel strand is used for prestressed concrete structure reinforced, such as large-span bridges on railway and highway, overhead crane beam, rock-soil anchoring Project, multi- storey industrial buildings, stadiums, coal mines and etc.
★Available size and type
(1)Galvanized steel :Φ1.44-4.77 mm
(2)Galvanized strand:3 wires,4wires,5wires,7wires,19wires,37wires
(3)Armoring steel wire 0.9mm and above


Zinc Coated Steel Wires Strand (ASTM A 475)
This specification covers five grades of zinc-coated steel wire strands, for use as guy, messengers and span wires.
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