1.Product details  

End use:Making brushes especially chimney brush and airport brush, mattress,bedding spring .

Wire diameter:0.1mm-6.0mm


T/S: 1200-1500N/mm2,1500-1700N/mm2,1700-1900N/mm2, 1900-2300N/mm2

Zinc coating:0.1mm-1.0mm 20g-50g/m2  

                       1.0mm-6.0mm 50g-80g/m2&160g-260g/m2

Surface treatment :Electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized,black.

Our spring steel wire with good abrasion residence

Diameter Normal  T/S Packing
0.3mm-0.5mm 1800-2000N/mm2 coil or Z2 spool
0.6mm-1.0mm 1600-1800N/mm2 coil or Z2 spool
1.1mm-1.4mm 1300-1600N/mm2 coil ,Z2 or Z3 spool
1.4mm-2.0mm 1300-1450N/mm2 coil ,Z2 or Z3 spool
2.0mm-4.0mm 1300-1450N/mm2 coil ,Z2 or Z3 spool


Carbon steel, which may also be referred to as plain-carbon steel, is a metal alloy formed by combining various amounts of carbon and iron. Other elements may also be present but in too small quantities to affect its physical properties. Carbon steel wire with low carbon content has the s\\ame properties as iron which is soft and easi
\With rising carbon content, the wire becomes stronger and harder, less ductile and quite difficult to weld. The higher carbon content also makes the metal less resistant to temperatures by lowering its\ melting point. There are four types of carbon steel including low (mild) carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, high carbon steel wire  and very high- arbon steel wire. Each ofveral strands or rods of steel twisted together or laid in a helical structure.



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