Steel wire for communication/galvanised steel wire from alibaba store

Steel wire rope , galvanized Iron Wire / galvanized steel wire 

Galvanized steel guy wire Specification:

Standard by:ASTM A 475-2003,ASTM B 957,BS 183-1972 and so on.

1, Raw material

A, wire rod: SAE1006-1082, including low-, mid- and high-carbon.

B, Zinc with 99.995% purity

2, Tensile strength range

Low carbon 1.6-8.0mm: 350-800mpa

High carbon 1.6-5.0mm: 900-1870mpa

3, Zinc coating

Class A, Class B and Class C, from 200g/m2 to 924g/m2

4, Application

Gabion mesh, Wiremesh, artware, metal hose, agriculture, binding for constrction

steel core wire for ACSR,Power cable,Overhead conductors,

Telecommunication cable,Messenger wire,Earth wire,Stay wire,Guy wire,Fence etc.

5, Packing of galvanized steel wire rope steel wire

Big coil-type, spool-type





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