Customized width copper brass alloy coil

thickness: 0.1 mm~3.0mm

width: 20mm~1200mm

Alloy type : CuZn37/ CuZn35/ CuZn32/ CuZn10 C2600 C2680 C2700 C2800 C2801 

temper:soft / 1/2hard/3/4hard/1/4hard/hardware

Chemical Composition:

C2600: Cu >68.5-71.5%   Fe <0.05%   Pb <0.05%   Zn  remainder

C2680: Cu >64.0-68.0%   Fe <0.05%   Pb <0.05%   Zn  remainder

C2801: Cu >59.0-62.0%   Fe <0.07%   Pb <0.10%   Zn  remainder

Application: Good mechanical and process properties, lustrous surface, which is suited to make various terminals, automobile radiator, hardware, button, decoration material, machine components and so on.

Process of  brass strip

Raw Material  →  Melting  → rizontal Continuous Casting   →   Annealing    →    Milling         

→  Rough Rolling   →   Side Trimming   →  Intermediate Rolling   →   Continuous 

Annealing & Picking   →  Intermediate & Finish Rolling   →   Degreasing   →  Strips


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