Heat exchangers forced water circulation system cooler and power plant steam condensers have been widely used austenitic stainless steel pipe, the latter due to highly contaminated water inlet should not be used copper alloy material. The more popular good material is Type 316 stainless steel. On the coasts and in the harbor, large quantities of extraneous clumps and sludge entering the condenser pipes are particularly susceptible to serious obstacles which must be eliminated.

A reasonable measure is to circulate the rubber ball through the pipe, squeezing the rubber ball to clear the pipe wall. When the flow rate of seawater is about 1 m / s, it is possible to prevent marine organic impurities from being sucked in, thereby securing the condenser pipe from point corrosion. Unlike other non-ferrous alloys, pipes using stainless steel as a condenser are not subject to maximum flow rates, but are related to the economics of the entire pump unit.

O-ring series electrical connectors and O-ring locating devices are widely used 304 and 316 stainless steel, especially marine and military engineering.

Using the above materials can be satisfied with the results. O-seals can be cathodic protected by hull, aluminum frame or other factors. If there is no cathodic protection, the o-ring is so bad (and in some weeks) that crevice candlesticks can cause serious failures.


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