From the social stocks of major varieties, as of July 14, the total inventory of major domestic stainless steel coils was 12.10229 million tons, down 584,600 tons from last week, down 4.61% from the previous month;

The domestic stock of domestic stainless steel coils decreased by 452,800 tons to 6,076,200 tons, down 6.92% from the previous month, and the steel mill's stainless steel coil inventory decreased by 0.3 million tons;

Hot coil social stocks fell by 69,200 tons to 2,198,800 tons, and steel mills' hot coil stocks fell by 18,600 tons. The decline in overall inventory data slowed down. Under the influence of continuous rainfall in the south, the decline in the inventory of stainless steel coils will further slow down.

 In July, with the increase in upstream raw material prices, the recent stainless steel coil profit declined slightly, but the overall price remained at the high range. According to the latest data, the current cost of pig iron is 1,777 yuan / ton, and the cost of steel billet is 2,344 yuan / ton.

Stainless steel coils gross profit of 977 yuan / ton, hot coil tons of gross profit of 1057 yuan / ton, profits remain high. From the distribution of upstream and downstream profits of the entire black industry chain, the price of raw materials in the near future has been more rebounded by environmental protection. The profit of the coking enterprises in the middle reaches has improved, and has now rebounded to 200 yuan/ton, which is also the main reason for the recovery of coking operating rate.

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