Welded steel pipereferred to as short, is the steel plate or strip through the unit and the mold after the curl forming welded stainless steel tube.

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1.Steel strip> Slitting> Molding> Welding> Induction bright heat treatment> Inside and outside bead treatment> Shaping> Sizing> Eddy current testing> Laser diameter measurement> Pickling> Storage


2. Welded steel pipe features:
From the above process we can easily see: First, the product is a continuous online production, the thicker the wall thickness, the greater investment in units and welding equipment, it is less economical and practical. The thinner wall thickness, its input-output ratio will be reduced accordingly;


Second, the product's technology determines its advantages and disadvantages, the general high precision welded steel pipe, wall thickness, stainless steel pipe inside and outside the high brightness (steel surface level of steel pipe surface brightness), can be any length. As a result, it demonstrates its economy and aesthetics in high-precision, medium- and low-pressure fluid applications.

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