Many stainless steel plate manufacturers are only wholesale stainless steel plates, there is no processing plant. For the stainless steel plate factory, it is not only the wholesale sales of stainless steel plates, but also its own stainless steel processing plant to provide professional services in stainless steel processing.

In fact, in all aspects of strength has reached a certain level, more and more attention to service this one, to ensure that the customer's stainless steel board orders on time delivery is one of them.

A few days ago, Jinhua’s manager Wu found us through the Internet and needed to process more than 300 products. In the communication with the person in charge of the processing department, they also arranged for the technical staff to come to the company to discuss and confirm. The processing department determined that after three days, the processing department could complete and deliver the goods, and then the other party would pay and wait for the receipt of the goods.

After three days, Manager Wu called to send Anon Logistics, and he had already agreed to send goods to the company at noon. This time, we realized that like Anon Logistics is receiving packaged parcels. Before the other party did not propose to send security energy logistics, because it is usually issued by the shipping department that does not need to be packaged.

Since the customer has already agreed that the logistics will come to take delivery, the time is only an hour or so. We will immediately communicate with the warehouse manager and the master.

Because the warehouse is busy, the workers are busy loading trucks and unloading large cargo. Our warehouse management immediately put down the matter at hand and immediately went to pack it.

Before the arrival of the logistics vehicle, we finally packed all the goods, and our warehouse manager was sweating too much, really want to give him a big praise! We let you rest assured that the delivery date is guaranteed for each client!


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