In the 90s of the last century, the stainless steel industry entered a period of rapid development in China. A number of competitive large-scale stainless steel traders gradually emerged. These traders established their own processing centers, relying on stainless steel processing to enrich their products. The line has broadened its customer base and injected strong driving force for the company's own development.
Stainless steel machining center is the inevitable result of the development of the stainless steel industry. As a bridge between steel mills and customers, stainless steel traders cannot just play the role of 'porter'.

It must also have its own special services. The processing center plays a very good role. Through processing, traders can provide customers with various widths of steel coils, flat plates of various sizes, and even various shapes of workpieces.

If we say that marketing ability is the basis of a trading company, then machining center is a sharp weapon in the competition of shopping malls.
Domestic processing center equipment can be roughly divided into domestic, Taiwan, imported and other three categories. Among them, the domestically-made equipment is mostly, its characteristic is the low price, the processing quality can meet the general customer's request, on behalf of the inexpensive and elegant level.

Taiwan's equipment also accounts for a certain share, especially for Taiwan-funded enterprises. Its main features are high processing quality and high cost performance. Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States imported equipment in the market is also more, its characteristics are high precision machining, high degree of automation, but the price is high, generally used by large-scale machining centers.



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