Some stainless steel manufacturers in order to attract customers or seize the market, a group of low-grade materials continue to flow to the market, the downstream customers in front of the price of temptation materials, some customers will be interested in low-priced plate, and some have already paid practical action.


In fact, everyone is a consumer on the market, as long as the consumers should all understand and deeply understand a word, a price for a goods. The same material of the stainless steel plate, due to the difference in origin and a little bit of freight, is normal, but if the price difference is too much, it is actually the difference in raw material costs.

Properly low prices will help expand the use of products and expand the total market. However, the price of stainless steel plates is too low and the quality is too heavy. It means that the industry has been stifled. There is a serious surplus of similar products. The price is lower than a family, the quality is getting worse, the service is getting worse, and the credit is increasingly insecure. The industry lacks credit.


Customers only look at the surface, not feeling too bad, in fact, the gap is very large, but the customer does not know Yeah, they only believe in the cheap, the industry can do a good job if the price is overdone? In fact, the price is a double-edged sword that can hurt people and hurt them.


Put the thickness of the stainless steel plate on the stencil, the first to issue a quality guarantee, and sign a quality assurance contract with the user. We are not selling stainless steel plates. We sell it with confidence. We believe in honesty and trustworthiness. The interests of the heart, stainless steel manufacturers can go further.



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