Wuxi 201 stainless steel plateis used in marine projects, most stainless steel grades can be satisfactorily applied under offshore conditions, but different grades are sensitive to stress corrosion cracking.


The martensitic steel representedby type 410 and the ferritic steel represented by type 430 will rust in a few months under the ocean conditions. This uniform corrosion can be removed by mechanical grinding. The more popular stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel because of its resistance to corrosion (except for stress corrosion cracking).


Austenitic stainless steel will also become black as time migrates. If for aesthetic or other reasons, this blackening can also be removed by grinding. Stainless steel in the sea water will rarely produce uniform rust candle, so in practice do not have to worry about.


Propellers The propellers on tugboats and other vessels on the ocean can be made of cast stainless steel CF-8 (which is quite dry type 304 stainless steel). When the vessel is not navigating, a conductive metal loop is formed from the propeller shaft through the bearings to the hull. Equivalent to the composition of 410-type stainless steel casting propeller is often used to choose, and in other areas are widely used, such as for icebreakers and so on.

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