Zinc Cut Wire Shot 0.6mm

Zinc cut wire shot is made with the process of drawing, cutting and conditioning etc.. And they are used for deburing and cleaning

on various Aluminum alloy, Zinc die castings. Because their specific gravity is close to steel and the hardness is low, the deburing

can be performed without wearing the products' surfaces. Otherwise distinguished from Aluminum abrasive, the security is nice for

much lower kinding point of the dust. And they are also characterized at obvious whitening on the surfaces of the work pieces.


Zinc cut wire shot abrasive offers a media of very low Rockwell B hardness (20 - 30) suitable for use in deburring die castings.

Zinc shot is capable of removing flash up to .020 " from die castings.

Zinc shot also leaves a deposition of zinc on the work object that provides corrosion resistance.  

Zinc shot is also used to strip paint and powder coatings.  The softness of the zinc shot is very effective at removing coatings without damaging tooling.


1, Zinc cut wire: 1.5mm  1.8mm  2.0mm  2.5mm  3.0mm

    Zinc Shot: 0.3mm  0.4mm  0.5mm  0.6mm  0.8mm

2,Hardness: round shape: 45-60HV     cut wire shot: 38-55HV


zinc ingot 2.jpg

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